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About the HPDE Experience (for novices & first-timers)

A Guide to Open-Tracking

Open Track Driver's Primer

My First Day at the Track

Preparing for HPDE

Rollover Protection (convertibles)

Passing in HPDE

Learning the Line

Shifting, Up, Down and Heel Toe

In Slow, Out Fast

Approaching the Limit Safely

Weight Transfer

10 Common High Performance Driving Errors


Corner-by-Corner Analysis of Tracks


another Thunderhill

Llihrednuht (Thunderhill CW)

Sears Point

another Sears Point

Laguna Seca

another Laguna Seca

Buttonwillow # 1 CW

Buttonwillow # 1 CCW

Buttonwillow # 13 CW

another Buttonwillow # 13 CW

Willow Springs

another Willow Springs

California Speedway ROval


Miscellaneous Information

How different kinds of engines work

Track-pedia, Information about race tracks

Several technical articles from

Racing Excuse Generator

Tire Technical Information / Competition Tire Information

Grassroots Motorsports magazine

The Physics of Racing

Corvette C5 track car, HPDE conversion - what I have learned

Brakes - technical white papers

Wheel Alignment Guide

Interpretting Tire Temps

Brake Fade

The Pyramid of Speed

Black Flag Decals - Racing Numbers and Track Decals

Black Flag
                  Decals Logo


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